We offer you a continuous Website and web store service most commonly with a two year contract. It means that we will be charging you the costs of the development and upkeep of the website or web store or both during the contract period. Our continuous service makes it sure that your website and web store has always updated content, security is up to date and the software of the service is always updated to the newest one available. With our service the service is already included in the price and you don’t need to worry how much it will cost to update your website or web store. Our service is especially very well suited to newly started and still developing companies that is still on the way to figure out which are it’s main services making it necessary for the website of the company to evolve with the company.

Our goal is to make sure that you can focus on your main business. You will know our service is working when you don’t need to worry about your website or web store and you can be sure they are always working in pristine condition.

Contact us! to discuss your needs further. We offer you the consultations free of charge.

Opening fee 0 €

We will charge you only after the website is done and running. With the Qide continuous service your investment is spread to a longer period.

Web hotel and domain

The service always includes the webhotel and domain services for the duration of the contract period. You do not need to worry about these details. If you want we can also create you your own mail service with your company’s domain by utilizing the google services.

Responsive websites

All the website we are designing are always responsive meaning that they will give a good user experience no matter what device you or your customer is using to visit the site. It is most probable that your customers will be checking your website through a mobile device or a tablet. With the WordPress publishing system and excellent planning the user interface will always be optimal for each device.

Content updates

If and when you need to change the contents of your website, texts, pictures or videos, we will handle this all for you. We will update your website or online store as you wish. We want you to focus on your main business and to let us take care of the technical details.

Upkeep and security service

Our service always inclued the software and security updates until the end of the contract period. You can always count on your site working with newest devices and that the security issues have been taken care of.

Search engine optimization and the search word marketing

We will help you to find the optimal search words in order for your customers to find you and your services. We will gladly help you to organize a search engine marketing campaign in order to have your site at the top rankings of google searches.

Social media integration

Your website can be integrated with your social media accounts so that your customers can always see your most recent social media updates on your site or vice versa. You can for example easily share your newest blog entries to your social media channnels.

Web stores

We will plan, design and implement web stores with the technique most suitable for your needs adjacent or separate from your website. We will gladly take the responsibility of upkeeping your online store. Our skilled and routined staff will take care of all the product related updates fast and efficiently and you can save your time for further development of your business.


Support is always free for our contract customers. Contact us by phone, email or through social media and we will help you at the first moment possible.

Media content

We can also take care of your media content needs through third party partnerships. We can take care of writing good texts for selling your product or services procure the photographing and video services on behalf of you.

Logo and company brand

Please ask also for an offer for designing the company brand, logo and business cards. It is most convenient to update the whole brand and design your website uniform according to the company brand.